About Us

Started in 2020 by just online selling. After a year later, we owned our own physical store located in Mukah,Sarawak. Started with oversized tees and palazzo as our main niche. 

"Tees and Tailoring" apart from just a brand, we are specialised in tailoring works  tees printing, and custom work. More likely like a store with two alternating season where this season we're focusing on "ink" and the next season we'll be moving to "thread" and vice versa. 

"What you see is what you wear" ranging from tees to modern kurungs. Most of our tees portrays what you see based on your surroundings and we display it through our design. A showcase of apparel that revolves around you where suits your style. 

The name "beachcinity" was taken from the word vicinity which means surroundings. The idea was made while strolling at the beach, so it's become Beachcinity.